Montana Child Support Calculator

Montana Child Support Calculator

There is now an online Montana Child Support Calculator that actually determines child support according to the DPHHS guidelines.  At you can use an automatic calculator to determine your child support payments based on the numbers you input. For years, attorneys have had access to software they could install on their computer which would do the same thing. Now, this is available to everyone.

I’ve been using a preview version to help out for the past couple of months, but it isn’t quite available to the whole public yet. But if you contact the child support calculator team and give them your email address, they’ll send you a discount code good for whenever they launch.

I’ve tried other online calculators before, but none of them actually follow Montana’s guidelines. They lure you in with the promise of a free child support calculation and then use a generic formula that doesn’t reflect Montana’s guidelines at all. This site, on the other hand, not only calculates child support correctly according to the latest formula from DPHHS, but it also creates printable documents in the proper format.

Currently, the charge is $47 for 30 days unlimited access. But follow that link above and you can get a discount. During those 30 days you can create as many different calculations as you want. Try playing around with different numbers to see how it changes the bottom line. At the end of the 30 days you can’t make any changes to your calculations or create new calculations (without purchasing additional time), but you can continue to print any calculations you’ve already created for a year. And you can access those calculations from any computer that’s connected to the internet.

We Montana Divorce Lawyers don’t get new toys very often, so you’ll have to excuse me if I’m over excited.

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