Missoula Divorce Lawyer

Missoula Divorce Lawyer

Anyone facing the end of a marriage wants a trustworthy, dedicated family law specialist who has experience with financial advisers, forensic experts and health care professionals. For residents of Missoula or Missoula County, Marybeth Sampsel of Measure Law Office is exactly that.

Not only is divorce incredibly difficult, but it’s also emotional. This is an explosive combination that can make everything worse. An experienced divorce lawyer, in Missoula or the rest of the country, understands that burden and represents all your needs. Sometimes, a guiding hand is as important as technical legal advice. This is the philosophy I bring to all my divorce and child custody cases, and it’s one I know my clients appreciate.

When children are involved, a deft touch is even more important. In cases of child custody or parenting plan modifications, I pride myself on representing my clients by also representing their children. While some lawyers build a reputation on being adversarial “trial lawyers,” I see no reason to create conflict and strife unnecessarily. A good lawyer can be a zealous advocate without adding stress and aggression to an already tense situation.

Although my office is located in Kalispell, I represent divorce clients across the state. Modern technological developments make it as easy to communicate and share documents with clients in Missoula as anywhere else. If you need a Missoula divorce attorney, please call me today at (406) 752-6373 to schedule a consultation.

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