Kalispell Child Custody / Parenting Plan Resources – Attorneys, Mediation, Etc.

Kalispell Child Custody / Parenting Plan Resources – Attorneys, Mediation, Etc.

It has been several months since I have blogged about the resources available to those in the process of divorcing or dealing with child custody/parenting issues in the Kalispell area.  Whether or not you have a Kalispell attorney to assist you with your Kalispell child custody/parenting case, you may want to look into the following resources, many of which are at little to no cost.

1.  Kalispell/Flathead County Self Help Law Center

If you are able to visit the Flathead County Justice Center in Kalispell, you can find the Self-Help Law Center on the third floor.   The Self-Help Law Center is open from 9:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.  There is generally a resource officer on staff and can help you locate the documents needed to file for divorce or parenting on your own.

2.  Nurturing Center

From supervised visits to parenting education, the Nurturing Center provides comprehensive support to families in the Flathead Valley.  Located at 146 Third Avenue West in downtown Kalispell, the Nurturing Center can provide valuable parenting resources to those involved in Kalispell child custody/parenting cases, whether or not an attorney is involved.

3.  MontanaLawHelp.org

Whether or not you live in the Flathead, MontanaLawHelp.org offers free fill-in-the-blank dissolution and parenting plan forms.  While I highly recommend all people looking into filing for a dissolution or parenting plan at least meet with an attorney to discuss their legal options, the Montana Law Help forms can keep the overall cost of your divorce down.

As always, I encourage anyone going through a child custody or parenting case to meet with an attorney to discuss their options.  Even when you may not be able to afford an attorney to assist you throughout your case, an hour consultation is likely worth your time and money.

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