Divorce Mistakes to Avoid

Divorce Mistakes to Avoid

A recent AOL Health article lists 16 of the biggest and most frequent divorce blunders, all of which should be avoided during a divorce.  The list includes everything from financial issues to romantic mistakes and include the following I find particularly notable:

1.  Not paying attention to taxes

2.  Making agreements outside the settlement papers

3.  Taking legal advice from family and friends

4.   Hiring a combative lawyer

5.  Using your child as a messenger

6.  Putting your child in an adult role to compensate for the loss of your partner

7.  Not taking inventory of your belongings before they are divided

8.  Giving up control to a lawyer

9.  Not keeping a journal

The article expands on each of the divorce mistakes and provides additional resources for your information.  Read and enjoy the  full article here.

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