Dancers and Bartenders Found “Most Likely to Divorce”

Dancers and Bartenders Found “Most Likely to Divorce”

A Radford University study has determined which U.S. jobs have the highest divorce rate.  The study, which was published in the Journal of Police and Criminal Psychology, was originally created to examine the divorce rate for police officers.   It seems there is a common belief that the divorce rate for law enforcement agents is higher than the general population.

The study determined that the 5 jobs with the highest divorce rate are as follows:

(1) Dancers and choreographers – 43.05% divorce rate

(2) Bartenders – 38.45% divorce rate

(3) Massage therapists – 38.22% divorce rate

(4) Gaming cage workers – 34.66% divorce rate

(5) Extruding machine operators – 32.74% divorce rate

Topping the list of those least likely divorce are media and communications equipment workers.  According to the study they have an astonishing 0% divorce rate.

Read the full study here.

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