Could the “Second Chances Act” Come to Montana?

Could the “Second Chances Act” Come to Montana?

Though it has not been formally introduced in any state, the Second Chances Act is making its way around cyberland and is creating quite the buzz.  The Institute for American Values, a non-profit family-values organization, is urging states to change divorce/custody legislation to require parties with minor children to attend divorce-education classes and to set a one-year cooling off period before a divorce can be final.  Additionally, the Second Chances Act includes a provision requiring parties to send a letter to their spouse that notifies them divorce may be imminent.

William Doherty, a professor at University of Minnesota and co-author of the Second Chances Act says the reason for the Act is not to end divorce entirely, but to create additional speed bumps in the road to divorce.

Given the legislation presented during the last session of the Montana Legislature, it seems fairly likely that something similar to the Second Chances Act will pop up during the next session.

To learn more about the proposed Second Chances Act, read the full proposal here.

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