Changing Your Name after a Montana Divorce

Changing Your Name after a Montana Divorce


During the dissolution process in Montana, a wife may request that the Court restore her maiden name or her former name.  If a wife chooses to change her name, the court will order her name changed as part of the decree of dissoltuion.   It is then up to the wife to take the necessary steps to inform others of her name change.  Here are some necessary steps to make a name change take affect:1.  Contact the Social Security Administration and complete the necessary paperwork.  SSA will then issue you a new social security card with your restored name.

2.   Contact the Department of Motor Vehicles and have a new drivers’ license issued. 

3.  Change your name on other forms of identification: passports, credit cards, etc. 

4.  Change your name on important legal documents such as wills and powers of attorney.

5.  Notify important institutions and individuals of your name change.  For example, contact your insurance carrier, bank, school, employer, landlord and friends and family. 

When taking any of these steps, you will likely need a copy of your Decree of Dissolution.  You may obtain certified copies from your local Clerk of Court’s office.

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